Dil Naram Karne Ka Wazifa

Dil Naram Karne Ka Wazifa , ” As we all know that now a days people are becoming selfish and materialistic. This is making their heart without mercy and courage to help others. May be you are also facing a very bad situation in which you want to melt some ones heart. Dil Naram Karne Ka Wazifa means wazifa to soften the heart is very useful and effect is such situations. You have a stubborn boss and you want his sign on your application. Want to go on shopping but husband is not agree. Wife leaving the house after fighting with you and not listening a single word.

There are many other problems like court case, father not agree to marry with your love. You taken loan and now people are asking to return loan. Going for an interview and want to get this job at any cost. It your lover birthday and you want that he/she likes your gift. Means for any problem when you want to soften some ones heart do this Dil Naram Karne Ka Wazifa and see immediate result with your eyes.

Dil Naram Karne Ka Wazifa

Before going infront of the person do fresh wadu (ablution) then recite first word of Surah Maryum كهيعص . But recite it with the following method.

Recite KAAF and close your last finger of right hand. Then recite HAA and close third finger. Recite YAA and close middle finger, now recite AAIN and close first finger. Then recite SWAAD and close thumb, but thumb should be on the 3rd joint of the first finger. Then without talking to any one go infront of the person and see the amazing result.

In shaa Allah after doing this Dil Naram Karne Ka Wazifa that person will listen you and do as you say. Remember dont use it for bad purpose other wise you may harm yourself.

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Waqat guzerney k sath sath insan khudgharz aur sangdil hota jaraha hai. Ye hi waja hai k aaj koi bhi kisi ki baat sunney ko taiyar nahi. Hosaqkta hai aap bhi kisi asey masley ka shikar hon. Jahan aap kisi ko koi baat samjhana chah rahey hon lakin wo sun hi nahi raha ho. Dil Naram Karne Ka Wazifa asey hi waqat k liye hia. Maslan boos application per sign nahi ker raha. Aap ,shopping per jana chahti hai lakin husband razi nahi. Begum lar jhagar ker gher chor ker ja rahi hain.

Bohet sarey masley hosaktey han, court case hai judge k dil ko naram kerna hia. Gher waley aap ki pasand ki shadi k liye taiyar nahi, mehboob roth gaya hai, Interview k liye jana hai aur ye job aap ko lazmi chahiye. Matalb koi bhi asa masla jahan aap kisi ka dil naram kerna chahin tu Dil Naram Karne Ka Wazifa karen aur phir usi time najita apni ankhon sey mulahiza farmain.

Dil Naram Karne Ka Wazifa

Taza wazui karen phir Surah Marryum ki first aayet كهيعص parhen lakin nichey diye gaye tariqey sey.
Pehla lafz KAAF phr ker sidhey haath ki sab sey choti ungli band kerlen, HAA phr ker us k sath wali ungli band kerlen, Phir YAA phr ker beech wali ungli band kerlen, AAIN phr ker pehli ungli (shahadad wali ungli) band kerlen. Ab SWAAD phr ker angotha asey band karen k wo pehli ungli k tesrey jor per ho.

Ab kisi sey baat kiye bagher us k samney jain jis ka dil naram kerna hai aur haath khol den. In shaa Allah Dil Naram Karne Ka Wazifa kerney k baad wo shakhs aap ki baat suney ga aur amal bhi karey ga.