Dua, Taweez , Wazifa To Bring Your Lover Back

Dua, Taweez , Wazifa To Bring Your Lover Back , ” In life some times we came at a point where our best friend or lover left us. Without telling a true reason. No matter what we do and how we try to bring him/her back. But he/she always deny to come back. At that point people search some spiritual help to brink back that person. So you may find so many wazaif taweez and duas for this problem. But I always try to provide real, fast working and tested solutions. Today I am going to share an Ancient Persian Charm to Bring Your Lover Back. But first let me tell you about Ancient Persian. Wazifa To Attract Girl For Love Marriage

Ancient Persian is one of the two directly attested Old Iranian languages (the other being Avestan). Old Persian appears primarily in the inscriptions, Ancient Persian Charm to Bring Your Lover Back. Clay tablets and seals of the Achaemenid era (c. 600 BCE to 300 BCE). Examples of Old Persian have been found in what is now Iran, Romania (Gherla), Armenia, Bahrain, Iraq, Turkey and Egypt, with the most important attestation by far being the contents of the Behistun Inscription (dated to 525 BCE).

Dua, Taweez , Wazifa To Bring Your Lover Back

Recent research into the vast Persepolis Fortification Archive at the Oriental Institute at the University of Chicago have unearthed Old Persian tablets (2007). This new text shows that the Old Persian language was a written language in use for practical recording and not only for royal display.

Bring Your Lover Back

Remembers this is an Bring Your Lover Back so you must take precaution to do it.


  • Do it between 1st and 14th or the moon date.
  • Yo must be alone in the room while doing it.
  • If you see any shadow around you don’t be afraid. It will not harm you.
  • Must be in wadu (Ablution)
  • All the materiel must be neat and clean and pure.
  • Piece of cloth must be worn 24 hours by the person whom you want to bring back.
  • Do not do it for illegal purposes, it will not work, and may harm you.

Take an aromatic mixture of Cloves, Cinnamon and Cardamom 100 Gm eachand place in a large glass jar. Over this read seven times Surah Yasin. Fill the jar with Rosewater 500ml and a shirt or piece of cloth of your beloved. For Ancient Persian Charm to Bring Your Lover Back add to this mixture a handmade piece of paper inscribed with the name of the lover, mother name and the names of the four angels (Mikail, Azrail, Jibril, Rafail).

Note:-  Name and mother name, Should be written as follow.

For male write: Name bin Mother name
For Females write: Name bint Mother name

Now put this jar near a hot place or fire or stove and make it a little warm. In shaa Allah after doing this Ancient Persian Charm to Bring Your Lover Back. Lover will come back in days forever. Talisman for Love and Attraction

Bring Your Lover Back Urdu

Zindagi men kuch asey mor bhi atey han jab hamraye piyarey hamey chor jatey han. Bagher koi maqool waja bataye. Ham jitna bhi mananey ki koshish ker len lakin wo wapis nahi atey. Asey moqon per ham rohani wazaif ya amliyat ki tarf deykhtey han. Aap ko ohet sarey wazaif aur amliyat milen gaye is maqsad k liye. Lakin hamari hameysha koshish hoti hai k aap ko asan, taqatwaor aur mujarib amliyat batain. Ancient Persian Charm to Bring Your Lover Back bhi ek asa hi wazifa hai. Lain is sey pehley aap ye jan len k Ancient Persians kon they.

Ancient Persian bunyadi tor per 2 porani zabanen hain jo Iran men boli jati thin. Poraney irani log 600 qabley Masih sey 300 Qabley Masih tak ka dor khelata hai. Ancient Persian Charm to Bring Your Lover Back ye asey Amliyat men bohet mhir hoa kertey they. aur ye ilm aaj bhi sina ba sina chala araha hai. Porana Iran aaj kal k Iran, Romania (Gherla), Armenia, Bahrain, Iraq, Turkey aur Egypt per musir tha. Abhi tak ki sab sey porani aur asl kitab ya safey jo miley hain wo 525 Qabley Masih sey taluq rakhtey han.

Bring Your Lover Back

Is amal ko kerney sey pehley kuch bunyadi cheezon ka janna zarori hai. Taki nuqsan sey bacha ja sakay.

  • Isey chand ki pehli sey 14 k beech karen.
  • Amal tanhai men karen.
  • Ager amal k doran koi saya nazar aye tu pareyshan na hon, ye koi nuqsan nahi deyga
  • Wazu ki halat men hon.
  • Tamam Ajza asli aur pak saaf hon.
  • Jisey bulana hai us ki kameez ya us ka tokra 24 ghantey pehna hoa ho us ney.
  • Isey najaiz maqsad k liye na karen, werna nuqsan hoga.

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Long, Daar Chini aur Choti Ilachi, her ek 100 Gm ley len aur isey kisi shishey k jar men dal den. Ab is per 7 bar surah yaseen phr ker dam karen. Arqey Gulab 500ml is men dal den sath hi mehbob ki shir ya kaprey ka tokra dal den. Ek sada sofed kaghaz per oper diya gaya naqsh banain. Jin men us ka neme aur maa ka name likh ho.

Naame asey likhney hain.

Mard k liye : Name bin Mother name
Aurat k liye: Name bint Mother name

Ab is kaghaz ka taweez bana ker isi jar men dal den. Aur isey kisi asi jaga rakh den jahan isey garmi milti rhaye. Jeysey cholha ya aag k pass ya koi bhi asi cheez jo garm rakhey is ko. Inshaa Allah Ancient Persian Charm to Bring Your Lover Back kerney k kuch hi din men. Mehbob bahaga chala aye ga.




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