Taweez To Delay Or Not Ejaculating

Taweez To Delay Or Not Ejaculating , ” Most of the people ask me to upload some taweez, wazifa or remedy for male female sex related problems. Especially premature ejaculation. So today I am going to share a Taweez to Delay or Not Ejaculating. But first we should know the exact problem. Premature ejaculation (PE) happens when a man encounter orgasm and expels semen soon after sexual activity and with negligible penile incitement. Normally a man should take 4-8 minutes to ejaculate. Women love the man whose sexual energy lasts a long time, but they resent a man whose energy ends quickly because he stops before they reach a climax.

The reasons for untimely discharge are misty. Numerous speculations have been proposed, including that PE was the consequence of jerking off rapidly amid puberty to abstain from being gotten by a grown-up, of execution tension, of an uncertain Oedipal struggle, of latent forcefulness, and having too little sex; yet there is little confirmation to bolster any of these hypotheses.

Taweez To Delay Or Not Ejaculating

To avoid such situations most of the men use different resources, like medicine or sprays. But they all have side effects. So to avoid side effects and safely Delay or Not Ejaculating here is the taweez.
Taweez to Delay or Not Ejaculating

Write this taweez on a blank paper, as it is shown in the picture. Then fold it and make it as a taweez. then tie it around your back and belly.


Bohet sarey log mujh sey khetey han k asey taweez, wazaif ya nuskhey bhi upload karen jin sey jinsi masail bhi hal hon. Tu aaj men ek Taweez to Delay or Not Ejaculating upload ker raha hon. Lakin is sey pehley is masley k barey men janna zarori hai.

Surat anzal aaj kal k mardon ka sab sey aam masla hai. Khiyal rakhen k ager aap anzal honey men 4 to 8 minute leytey hain tu ye ek normal anzal hai. Asi sorat men aap ko kuch kerney ki zarorat nahi. Lakin ager is sey pehley hi anzal hojata hai tu phir ilaj ki zarorat hai. Kiyon k khawateen asey mardon ko pasand kerti hain jo zada time men anzal hotey han.

Is taweez ko ek sada kaghz per likh ker taeez bana ker waqtey zarorat mard apni kamar men bandhey.