Taweez To Remove Sex Magic

Taweez To Remove Sex Magic , ” Sexual and Emotional Needs are Universal. Every human have 3 basic need since the beginning of the world, Food, Sex and shelter. Sex is one of the most basic needs of human beings, and it seems that it is also one of the most unfulfilled needs as well. Many times it happens that a man likes a woman and wants to get her only for sex. If she is not agree then he try to do the black magic to increase her sex desire. So that he can take advantage and can get her in the bed. Taweez to Remove Sex Magic if for the same problem.

Once a woman is under Sex magic, her desire for sex increased and she want to have sex with any one all the time. If she is a married woman then it will be more problematic for her family, husband and children. Because under sex magic effects she ignores all her responsibilities and only want to do sex. If her husband does not fulfill her desire she try to do it our side the home with any one.

Taweez To Remove Sex Magic

To remove sex magic, write this naqash with saffron and musk. Then mix it in a glass of water and make her drink it. Do this 11 days, In shaa Allah magic will remove and she will come on the right path. And will leave all illegal relations.

How to write Taweez


Abtida sey insan ki 3 bunyadi zaroriyat hain, Khana, Jinsi taluqat aur cir chupaney ki jaga. Jinsi taluqat ek asi bunyadi anser hai to kabhi pora nahi hota. Aur na hi is sey dil bherta hai. Kai bar asa hota hai k koi mard kisi aurat ki tarf raghib hojata hai wo bhi sirf jismani talkuq k liye. Aher wo aurat ya larki us ki tarf tawaja nahi deyti tu baaz awoqat asey log kaley jadu ka sahara leytey han. Ta k apni khowahish ko pora kersaken.

Ager koi aurat ek bar asey jadu ka shikar hojaye tu us men sex ki khowahish bhr jati hai. Wo zada sey zada sex kerna chahti hai, asey men ager us ka shoher us ki khowahish ko pora nahi kerpata. Tu phir ye aowrat baher apni khowahish ko pora kerti hai. Ager aurat shadi shuda ho tu phir ye us k gher walon k liye kisi musibat sey kam nahi. Kiyon k is jadu k asr men aaker wo gher ki sari zimeydariyon sey dor bhagti hai.

Asey jadu ki kaat k liye, Is taweez ko mushk aur zaffran sey likh ker. Ek glass pani men mix karen aur pani asi auwrat ko pilain. Ye amal 11 din karen, In shaa Allah masla hal hojaye ga.

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